John Hudak, Jr. - Cinematographer

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Red Epic

Red Epic Body with EVF and 5" TouchScreen
Aluminium Canon Mount or Titanium PL Mount Production

Canon CN- 30-105 Zoom PL F2.8
Cooke 18mm S4I Mini PL F2.8
Canon 20MM Prime EF F2.8
Canon 100 MM Macro EF F2.8

ND .3, ND .6, ND .9, ND .12, Polarizer

Package. Includes:
RED Side Handle
RED Pro 5" LCD Touch Screen
4x 256 SSD RED Mags
RED Transfer Station
MMB II ARRI 2 Stage Matte Box
Wooden Camera Shoulder Mount
Panasonic 17" HD Monitor
Wireless Teradek Bolt
7" HD Marshal Monitor
Bartech Remote Follow Focus
Follow Focus
8x Bebop Batteries
4x Red Bricks
3x Bebop Chargers
1x Red Charger

Contact for prices and list of available lens.

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